How to Get a Transit Schengen Visa

When you will be filling a visa application form to get a transit visa, instead of the hotel you  should put your relatives’ or friends’ details and full address, because this will be your main destination.
You are able to start your journey in Dover, Folkestone, Hull, Portsmouth or an additional port . If, for instance, you travel from Dover via France, you may take a ferry or use the Tunnel to Calais, a city from the north of France. Due to the fact the first Schengen country on your way is France, you need to apply for your transit visa at the French consulate.

You should be conscious in the following visa supporting documents when you are going by car or van. If you are the owner of the automobile, you really should produce log book for the car with your first and last name on it and vehicle details, MOT, your driving licence, along with the car or van insurance.

If you are leasing the automobile, as an alternative to the log book you should submit the lease agreement. And in each instance the return ferry ticket together with your full name and car particulars is vital.  You might have passengers in the automobile, and if they also have to have a Schengen transit visa, their names  should be added for the ferry booking as well. In case you fail to provide any of these documents, your visa case may possibly be considered to be incomplete. This indicates that you should fetch the missing documentation, pre book an additional appointment and submit your visa application once again.

Want to avoid the costly errors when applying for any Schengen visa? Follow the Schengen visa guide to assist you succeed in obtaining your visa  1st time you submit your application.